S-U-M-M-E-R… Can you spell that out?


I am thrilled. Utterly THRILLED. The school year will be officially over in only one day (since it’s after Midnight as I write it) and that means four months at home, four months of utter bliss of no classes.

That bit is a lie, though. I’m taking an online course this summer to finish up my general studies requirements: World Religions. So, I’ll still have papers to write, tests to take, reading to do, and pain to endure. On the upside, I can use this information to reinforce my argument with R whenever we somehow stumble onto the topic of religion of any kind. Speaking of R, she left this afternoon. Tears ensured last night when she read the card last night that I got her since she won’t be returning until next year, the spring of 2009.

It’s finals week, and finals week means loads and loads of last-minute things to do. The worse part of the year is the end of the year when we have to deal with storage and moving out of the dorm, even though we’re living in the same dorm, same room next year. Last minute things dominate my week – today I had to fill out the forwarding card for my mail for the summer, it was the last day of work (*tears*), and yesterday, we moved into storage.

I’m thrilled for summer. Summer equals tan equals flip flops equals shorts. The sad thing about summer: good-byes. Most of my friends, I won’t see until next fall; some even later than that. I’ll be over in that corner crying come mid-summer when I’m ready to throttle my parents and dealing with the no-car-available issue. Living in the suburbs sucks at time.

For now, my devoted readers, I bid you adieu. I need to finish this paper before Saturday 1pm!

Here’s a picture of where I would like to be instead of this rainy wasteland:


2 Responses to “S-U-M-M-E-R… Can you spell that out?”

  1. alfred Says:

    email me i wanan go

  2. Kelly Says:

    haha, so do I!! it’s still too cold in Chicago for beach weather.

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