I Want to TRAVEL!


Oh man! It drives me crazy how many people are traveling this summer. I was taking my history final in the history lab today, and the girl on the computer next to me was in a different class and working on something else. She took a break and she was looking at a Gap Adventures tour to Delhi and Khatmandu. Dammit! So I started looking at tours again, and there are plenty of ones to take, but they are all so expensive, and flying there is expensive, and…argh! Of course I’m too old for the EF College Break tours, their maximum age is 26 and I am 27. My wife and I took a tour with their adult branch, Go Ahead, back in 2001, and they include airfare in the published prices which is really nice, but I can’t afford any of those either! That $5700 I spent on hearing aids a month ago is really hurting, I just want to take a flight somewhere and stay in a hostel for a few days and come home!

I did say goodbye to a few friends today, but several other friends are going to be around on campus during the semester, so that’s good. But I want to travel! *whines*


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