The End is Near!


I just finished my biology lab and lecture finals, leaving un mas (one more) to go…and its history! (Both the final is history and so is the semester). I cannot wait. As much as I have grown this semester (and enjoyed doing so, I suppose), I am excited to go home and see my family, whom I have not seen since January, and get a nice break. This semester, God has really stretched me beyond anything I have ever experienced. As a result, I have come to better realize who I am and what I believe. Now, I am ready for a relaxing respite where I can re-energize!

I have few plans for the summer. Hopefully, I will get a teaching job for part of the break and I guess I will use the rest of the summer to prepare for next fall. When I come back, I will have to be ready for two events: the ASLPI and soccer season. With regard to the ASLPI, I must make a 4+ on it in order to declare my major and continue taking my major classes (which is practically all I have left to accomplish before I graduate). For soccer, I desperately need to get in shape and work on my skills. It has been about four or five years since the last time I played and I stink at it. However, I enjoy the game, so I think it will be worth the effort it will take to get back into practice.

As this semester is coming to a close, I am trying to keep one thing at the forefront of my mind: the end is near, and, with a little more effort, I can persevere to the finish line.


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