Finally Finished (Almost!)


Ah, yes…I am finally finished. I have no more homework this semester! It feels so good. I can sit around at home and do whatever I want every night for the next four months! I still have to go to one more Sex & Gender class on Monday, one more Deaf Studies class on Tuesday (involving a test), and take my History final exam on Friday, but that’s it! Everything else is handed in!

I know people have all kinds of plans for the summer – it’s kind of weird that some people can just go do whatever they want, like be a camp counselor or tour the country in a rented RV. Me, I have to work. I haven’t worked much at all since August, just here and there, and it’s time to make up for that. Fortunately I have a great job in the VRS center, which will let me earn enough in four months that I can get by during the 2008-2009 school year. It’s very different from what I was making before I quit and came back to school…about one-third as much, which means less travel, less movies, less dining at restaurants, etc. But I’ll make it through okay, and I have a wonderful spouse who treats me to movies and restaurants now and then, so it’s not completely terrible!

Now that I have my hearing aids, I am probably going to talk with GIS about interpreting in other settings besides VRS. With general interpreting, you never now how far away you will be from the speaker, or what the acoustic setting will be like, so I couldn’t really do it before. With VRS, the sound is directly in your ear, so that was okay. But I don’t want to be in a cubicle all day every day for the whole summer, so some general community interpreting would be nice! That’s what I’ll do next week if there’s time – set up a screening so I can do general jobs for GIS.


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