Mister Warm Weather, where are you??


The old saying of “April showers bring May flowers” better be true with all this rain we’re getting lately. After the pouring rain we received last weekend, we’re getting more THIS weekend. Oh, dear rain will you ever stop?! I should be working on this huge History paper due Friday, but currently, I feel all sickly due to an awful, stuffed up nose and clogged ears. I don’t think I will be doing hearing aids at all tomorrow; on the plus side though, someone is covering work Thursday and Monday, meaning I can (truebiz) focus on all the homework and studying for finals.

I’m looking forward to next Tuesday. Last year for Spring semester study day, a few of my friends and I went out to the zoo (FUN!!). Here are some pictures from last year//

Yeah, so depending on the weather, we don’t know what we’ll do. Study day is a GREAT day to take advantage of DC, especially during the Spring due to the fact that the weather is terrific and there’s no classes all day. We made the excuse of “studying for Biology” for the zoo trip since we we’re learning a lot about things we saw there. The elephants and hippos were our obsession last year [and in fact, I brought Colleen C. Hungry Hungry Hippo because she LOVE hippos for Christmas this year].

Look for some more pictures next week when we ACTUALLY do Study Day, and maybe from this Saturday trip to the EU Open House… if we do it.

Off to finish up something for my paper then sleep!! Fingers crossed the weather turns all nice SOON. ❤

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