The New Meat


This weekend has been VERY busy. On top of all the meetings and errands I ran Friday and Saturday, it was also Academic Bowl weekend. For those who are clueless or never heard of it: Academic Bowl is a thing that Gallaudet offers every year for high school students. Generally, I would consider it a bit of a trivia thing with three rounds. Each school (who participates) sends a team (of 3 to 5 students) to the Regional competition. The top two teams from each regional (five in total) will go to Nationals to compete for National Championship.

[From the academic bowl webpage’s gallery]

I was on one such team (Orange and Brown, dear Hersey), and ever since I graduated, I spent each year volunteering for Nationals. Usually, nationals seem to be held at the same time as Open House, so Friday, I saw a bunch of future Gallaudetians wandering around campus. It made me remember how it was like when I first arrived to Gallaudet as a High School senior, very unsure and awkward about everything. Now two years later, I am one of those confident students marching around campus as if I own it and intimidating those future Gallaudetians.

My point is that it’s so hard to believe so much have changed within two years; when I work at the matches at Academic Bowl, I remember how I felt so sick in the mornings with nerves that I never ate breakfast at the risk of throwing up, I remember how sweaty my hands got and how much they shook as I gripped the buzzer. I remembered the feeling of hot blood rushing through my veins as my answer got one of those Green Yeses. I miss playing Academic Bowl – it was such a huge part of my life in High School and my first exposure to Gallaudet (if I had never joined Academic Bowl, I doubt that I would even consider coming here).

Sometimes, I would like to rewind time and replay these things.


2 Responses to “The New Meat”

  1. meredith Says:

    Yay Kelly, you’re on gBlog now!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Indeed, I am. 🙂 🙂

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