Rosie’s Ramblings… Again


I have tons tons tons of things on my mind! So, if I seem disorganized in this blog, you know why! I notice that when I am stressed, my mind starts to wander every minute and I think up of totally weird stuff that’s not relevant to what I need to do! One minute, I would be thinking about my parents, other minute, I would be thinking about skin cancer (a lot of magazines are talking about it!) then other minute, I would think about how do journalists maintain families while working on a job that requires them to travel all time. Weird, I know.

Today, I decided to stay at my office all day and attempt to finish all homework that’s due tomorrow and tuesday, including homework I didn’t finish for last week. I have 2 red bulls (I know, bad for me) and some snack ready in case I have the urge to fump it and go home! Which probably will happen around dinner time though I am tryin to stay here until 1am when Jimmy comes back from work.

I got Leonard M. Elstad award from Phi Kappa Zeta sorority couple weeks ago. It’s so nice to get an award from them and I am definitely surprised! I never expected to get anything during my last semester because really, I am such a mediocre student and I’ve contributed a lot during my early years at Gallaudet but not so much during my last year. So, it’s a nice surprise! 🙂

I “defended” my seminar paper last week in front of faculty from Gallaudet and CUA. It was a pure hell if you ask me. I didn’t do BAD but it was intimidating to have bunch of professors asking me questions or arguing with me about my paper! I THINK I did well but I’ll know for sure when I meet with the teacher on Wednesday. This experience definitely made me think hard about getting my PHD – that won’t be happening until I’m suffering from midlife crisis and maybe an empty nest syndrome. I definitely want a lot of life experience to back me up the next time I “defend” my research.

So, 3 weeks to go. 1 week of classes, then 1 week of exams then 1 week of packing, graduating then moving! It’s going to be a big change and I do look forward to it but I don’t deny being nervous! I think the reason why I am feeling so nervous about the move is because it is “permanent”. Of course, we can always move somewhere else if we’re not happy but the point is, I’m moving back home, looking for a job and saving up for a house. A family of our own is in near future (no, I’m not pregnant YET!) and we are making no plans to settle elsewhere. So, it does feel permanent and I’m constantly wondering if I’ll be happy, what choices will I make, what will my life look like away from turbo-stimulation at Gallaudet and what would it be like being a wife, a mom, a employee, etc… So yeah, I’m thinkin’ too much and givin’ myself unnecessary stress! 🙂 But thats how I work!

Romeo is doing a lot better today. He gave us a scare last night! He was urinating everywhere and was obviously miserable — so we thought that maybe he had an allergy reaction to shots. This morning, he was walking around and actin’ 75% like his ol’ self! WHEW! I guess he urinated on floors because he was upset and pissed that he’s sick… Or he doesn’t want to get out of the bedroom and go to the litter box where other 2 cats are at since he’s not strong enough to defend himself if necessary. I don’t know — I’m not a cat.

I’ll ramble more later.


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