Touring DC


Jimmy and I will be moving to Canada this summer, so we decided to visit as many places in DC as we can before we go! We made a list of places we haven’t seen, including the new museum called “Newseum”. It was a FUN weekend but we were definitely tired after walking miles, miles and miles around Washington, DC! Below are some highlights of us playing tourist last weekend!

Saturday, April 19


First day of our “tour! We decided that we will go to couple of museums and enjoy the national mall. It was a GORGEOUS day and we couldn’t resist spending more time outside than inside!


There’s a GORGEOUS garde just outside of the Smithsonian castle and I have this hobby where I take pictures of any castles I see. I have over 20 pictures from my trip to Europe few years ago and few from Canada – I absolutely love castles!


Our first stop – African Art Museum. I absolutely loved this museum! It was my favorite for that day. Below are three of my favorite art from the museum!


Gorgeous mask. This mask has 4 faces and is based on a myth about a man with 3 wives. It’s beautiful and it has a lot of details that definitely takes a lot of skill to make.


A cool “bowl” sculptured in Africa. Every side of this sculpture has new person, face or animal – so you have to circle around the sculpture to see everything!


I love this one. Mother and child sculpture that is taller than I am. It is a gorgeous piece of art.


Jimmy attempting to jump on this tree. No idea why. He is weird in that way.


I love this tree! The flowers smells nice but it’s STRONG!


Jimmy observing police blocking roads and preparing themselves for a protest. A group of people are protesting against a group of people who are Nazis and want to do an anti-immigrants march in DC. It was pretty dramatic and I admit I was a bit nervous because this group doesn’t like anybody who isn’t white! And obviously, Jimmy isn’t white. Luckily, the protest was under control and nothing bad happened, that I know of.


Police on their bicycles.


Police on their motorcycles.


National Gallery of Arts – West Building.


Little girl in a blue armchair by Mary Cassatt in 1878.


Painting and Sculpture by Jean-Pierre-Antoine Tassaert in 1774.


Matched Lovers by Quentin Massys in 1520. I absolutely love this painting! I love that the woman is attractive but the man doesn’t look too nice. The contrast between lovers and how engrossed they are with each other.


Us at the fountain inside the museum.


Entrance to National Gallery of Arts: East Building (Modern Art). I absolutely love modern art but I was disappointed because the museum changes their themes every season and this time, it was forest. I didn’t particulary enjoy looking at thousands thousands and thousands of paintings of trees. I wished that there were more variety and that they offered something for those who don’t enjoy that type of art. Below are only two paintings that I liked in this museum.


Football Players by Albert Gleizes in 1912


Jack-In-The-Pulpit NO. V by Georgia O’Keeffe in 1930


At end of the day, we decided to just lay down on the mall and chat our evening away. It was such a beautiful day and a perfect day for people-watching!

Sunday, April 20


We went on the DC Duck tour. It was FUN!!! We toured around the city on road and in the potomac river! The piece of machine functions as a bus and a boat. An amphibian!


Us in our rain gear!


White House.


Getting into the Potomac River!




They gave us a ducky whistle! Cute!


Jefferson Memorial.






Union Station.


Entrance of Newseum. A news helicopter was suspended in air.


Absolutely love this quote! In this gallery, there were a lot of photos up on the wall that won the Pulitzer Prize. A lot of them made me cry! I have so much more respect for journalists now than ever.


Us before we went into the 4-D theater. It was AWESOME!!! We felt mouses crawling on our feet, bullets whizzing by, rain, etc… but it was all illusion! Amazing how far technology has gone!


A statue of Russian leader destroyed during the revolution.


A piece of Berlin Wall.


A guard tower from Germany during the time of communism.


A memorial for all photographers/journalists who died at line of duty.


A piece of antenna from one of WTC buildings destroyed in 9/11 attacks.


A journalist knew too much and somebody planted a bomb on his car. This is the result and the journalist died.


Us at end of the day! We were SO exhausted but definitely glad that we decided to tour even if it rained. Newseum is now my favorite museum in DC! (So far!)

We plan on seeing the wax museum and Arlington Cemetery before we go. So that might happen in the next couple weeks. Keep your eyes out for more pictures!


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