Poor Kitty-Kids


Jimmy and I took our cats to the vet yesterday to get rabies shot, distemper shot and a full check up. I also asked for health certificates to allow our cats across the border when we move in 3 weeks. Needless to say, our kitty-kids did not enjoy the visit! We have a WONDERFUL vet, Dr. Spencer and they like him but not this time!

Oscar handled it like a pro. He was totally chill about it and actually asked Dr. Spencer for some lovin’. When it came to time for shots, he just stayed still, didn’t make any noise or attempted to run. He was pretty easy to handle.


Toby, Toby. He didn’t like it at all and was growling every time Dr. Spencer touched him but there was no biting or anything like that. He stayed as low to the table as possible and when it was time for shots, all he did was growl.


Poor Romeo. He had it the hardest. He was crying, trying to climb onto me, holding onto my shirt and when it was time for shots, he gave a soft meeooowwww and cried. Poor guy!


Dr. Spencer said that cats may be a bit lethargic for a day or two because of the shots. Oscar and Toby are behavin’ like their ol’ selves but poor Romeo, he has a bad reaction! He’s totalllly lethargic, grumpy, anti-social and this morning, he vomited. I feel bad for him! I hope it goes away in few hours rather than another day! He’s obviously miserable.

On brighter note, we have all information already for cats’ journey to the true north!


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