Hello World! *waves*


Like a little chicken popping out of the egg (not the best analogy, I know!!) I am popping out the despairing world known as Winter and entering Spring/Summer. I recently had to write an autobiography for my English class (filling up twenty pages about yourself, not as easy as it seems) and now to sum up myself in a few choice sentences that tell someone EVERYTHING ABOUT ME.

Who am I, you might ask?

Wilson, Kelly Wilson. (James Bond reference, pathetic, I know). I live in the dreadfully plain town known as Des Plaines, a few hops and jumps from Chicago. A little tidbit for you all – especially those Academic Bowl nuts – Des Plaines is the original home of one of the most infamous fast food restaurant. We even have a Museum where the original one was on Lee St. (incidentally across the newer version of it). Yes, it’s McDonald’s. I fear I’m getting off-topic here!

I went to a mainstream high school known as Hersey before deciding to come to Gallaudet two years ago. I’m sure most of you will recognize me (if you had met me at one time or another) since I was very involved in high school: Academic Bowl (Nationals three-times) Jr. NAD, etc etc. After a long process (say about three months!!) I am now an Education major – elementary, m’ dear – with a (hopeful) minor in Psychology. I’m currently in the process of declaring a minor right now.

It is now one more week of classes before the dreaded finals. All those homework and projects I put off at the beginning of the semester – Oh, I had another four months to do them! *returns to playing Nintendo*-are biting me in the butt. They’re all due within the next week or so!! Thus, I’m swamped with homework. Paper for so-and-so due blank date and so on. It makes you LONG for summer just so this is all done with, and then… I realize, oh, summer means that I won’t be able to see most of my friends here at Gallaudet for four months. *inserts sad face*

Oh! I do believe my paper is moaning my name from under the pile – it calls to me and tells me, “I need words; feeed me!”. Off to do a million and one homework assignments. ‚̧

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