The Semester Draws to a Close


I keep meaning to post here but I’ve been so busy! I think I finally have everything under control – that is, at least I know what I have left to do. That would be two presentations (on the same day) and a paper…and other than that and final exams I am done. I am really looking forward to the semester, but I am kind of wondering what it will be like to go back to the 9-5 grind for a few months. I was pretty busy during January, so I didn’t spend more than a couple of days at a stretch at work. I’m nervous about having to sit in VRS all summer, so I’m planning to do the screening with GIS so I can do some different jobs. Now that I have my hearing aids this shouldn’t be a problem, though I am going to ask the audiologist to tweak them…I keep having to turn up the volume to hear properly. Just last night my wife suggested maybe they weren’t turned on because I kept not hearing her.

I wish I had a cool vacation planned for the summer, but I guess I already took vacations earlier this year. And of course with the economy what it is, I can’t afford to go anywhere anyway. Oh wait, I do have a trip planned, I’m going to New Orleans for the NAD convention! Okay, so that’s good. There is that at least!

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