Hahahaha, I bet you thought I was gonna write about the Rockfest happening on campus this weekend between RIT and Gally! Well, you’re wrong. I tricked you!

The rockfest I’m talking about was this totally rad concert I went to tonight; the performers were April Smith and the Great Picture Show, Ari Hest, and Ingrid Michaelson. If you’re one who appreciates music in any form whether it be through lyrics or whatever and are saying who, who and who? you should really check out their Myspace profiles as they are each amazing musicians. The show was part of the Music Inspires Health tour which seems to be this awesome group whose goal is to promote the education of health care risks such as HIV, eating disorders, binge drinking, etc to college kids through rock music. All in all a very worthy cause. The tickets to the show were cheap, fifteen bucks actually, and upon arrival you got a free t-shirt and a free airbrush tattoo. A little marketing ploy, but hey, a free shirt and a good cause, so whatever right?

Anywhoo, Ingrid MIchaelson is one of my absolute favorite new artists. She has the most beautiful voice and writes really great lyrics that are so relate-able to twenty something year old girls. I was unable to convince any of my friends to come to the show, so I decided to take myself on a date and go anyway. I’m so glad I did! I had the best time! I got a great seat, and really enjoyed the music.

Walking back to the metro after the concert was a perfect end to the evening as its one of those splendid beginning of summer, warm but just right evenings, where for the first time in a long time you don’t need a sweater. It was a really nice evening and a really nice walk.


One Response to “Rockfest”

  1. meredith Says:

    Way to totally freak me out by posting a picture of a tattoo – and THEN telling me it’s airbrushed! Glad you had fun at the concert!

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