Rosie’s Ramblings, Again.


I do “Rosie’s Ramblings” because I don’t get chance to write blogs as often as I’ll like and it’s just hard to blog about many different things in different blogs. So, I like to get all of my thoughts, news and rants in one blog! And, for those who know me, you know how I tend to jump from one topic to other frequently!

These days, I feel so socially incompetent because I’ve been spending most of my time this year doing my homework for 7 classes, searching for jobs, graduate schools, closing some personal business before the move to Canada, preparing for the move and of course, planning for the wedding. It has gotten to the point where I feel “rusty” at socializing with people and carrying on a conversation! This is really “new” for me because usually, socializing is what I do best! Hopefully, after everything settles down, I’ll be able to know how to socialize! Maybe because I’m so spread thin, it’s hard for me to “focus” on the conversation or because I’ve been out of the loop for so long, I don’t know where to “start”? Whatever reason may be, it is a very very interesting thing to go through!

Besides being “socially incompetent”, one of biggest challenges this semester is not having enough time for friends. It sounds SO bad but it is how it is and I’ve learned that 7 classes is just too much! A bit late to be learning this lesson, considering it is my last semester but hey, at least I have some advice to give to my friends! 🙂 I am really disappointed that I am not able to have quality time with my friends this semester, considering that I will be moving to Canada in 5 weeks! Friends – I hope that you know that I think about you and do want to hang with you as soon as exams are done! Thanks for putting up with my craziness!

It’s hard to believe that there are only 3 weeks left of classes, then exams and finally, graduation! There are so many papers to do and while I always have good intentions to do it ahead of time, it never happens! Heh! I am most nervous about my English senior seminar class because I have to do 25 pages and “defend” it to faculty from Gallaudet and other universities. The presentation will be next Wednesday and the paper is due 3 weeks from now. Talk about PRESSURE!

As for wedding plans, job search and graduate school, that will have to wait. With only 3 weeks left of classes, I cannot give attention to other things but I have all summer to get all those things figured out! I’ve been thinking that maybe, after I’ve “settled” at home, I could go to my family’s cottage by myself and just really have time alone to reflect, relax and revitalize! It’ll be really nice to do nothing but read, write, do my art, cook, swim and sleep for few days! I’ll have to ask my mom and some other family members if I can have the cottage to myself for few days but it shouldn’t be a problem!

I’m half looking forward to moving to Canada and half dreading it! I know that I’ve been talking about settling in Canada for some time but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon! I look forward to being with my family, to enjoy what Ontario has to offer and to be more comfortable financially but I don’t look forward to being away from friends I’ve made in DC and having to leave my little “niche” in the Deaf community here. It’ll take some time before I make friends in Ontario and finding a niche within the Deaf community. Being part of the Deaf community is SO important to be and I know that for my well-being, I need to have that in my life. Hopefully, with new job and going to events, I will make new friends and reunite with old ones. It’s going to be a big change!

Jimmy is really looking forward to moving to Canada. He’s been wanting a “fresh start” and a new change but naturally, he’s a bit nervous too! He’s mostly concerned about finding a job and getting a work visa but he already knows my family, some friends and knowing Jimmy, he’s mostly looking forward to being able to work on cars on the property! Our apartment doesn’t allow him to fix cars in the parking lot (of course) and he’s been really itching to get his hands on engines! I think that my family’s lifestyle and my hometown will really suit him considering he enjoys being outside and getting dirty! I look forward to showing him more of my country and see how he likes living there!

It’s almost 11pm and I should finish couple papers for tomorrow’s class! So, I’ll sign off and blog again some time soon, I hope!


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