More awards…


I just came from the President’s Scholars dinner, Yes I am a nerd, and yes I am moderately proud of that fact.  Anyway, the President hosts this dinner every year where students who have made the deans list are invited to come and eat and get a t-shirt and what not.  Its all very nice.

When I arrived, I checked in with a woman who informed me that I had been invited to sit at the Presidents table.  I have no idea how in the world they picked me and a few other students to sit with the President and the Provost, but this was a nice surprise.  I was even more surprised to find myself a bit starstruck.  Dr. Davila is really an amazing guy.  He faced a lot of challenges in his time but went on to be successful anyway.

It was a nice evening, Dr. Davila made a very moving speech about always doing your best.  These motivational speeches are always a bit cliche, but they seem to get to me every time.  Like a sappy movie where you know whats coming, but you’re still reaching for the tissues anyway.

Well, I’ve procrastinated on doing my homework long enough…


One Response to “More awards…”

  1. Robert Davila Says:

    Dear Colleen:

    I rarely look up blogs, but someone told me you had nice things to say about Scholars’ Dinner so I looked you up. Thanks very much for your kind and complimentary words. Scholars Dinner was all about you and other achieving students. That was one of your moments and I thoroughly enjoyed having you at the table and being able to chat for a while. Keep up your good work. All the good things I have enjoyed in my life trace back to being a good student when I was an undergraduate here — just like you! Have a good summer! RRD.

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