O-bama, 0-8!


Okay. I’m officially declaring my presidential pick for the fall elections.

It MAY have a bit to do with the fact that Santa Fe is Obama Country, and that I saw him in person when he visited Santa Fe in February… but I just have to go with the candidate that is honest, fresh, and incredibly energizing, among other factors. I still don’t know enough about both Democratic candidates to make a 100% “for-sure” decision, but I like what I see so far in Obama -and let’s face it (as much as it pains the feminist part of me to say this), we need a different family in the White House. Let’s stop the family recycling.

On February 1st, Obama touched down on Santa Fe and gave a speech in a nearby community college gymnasium. I was just dumbfounded by the number of people who showed up – I had no idea what to expect, to be honest, and miscalculated the amount of time we needed to get there in order to grab a good spot in the audience. The drive alone took about an hour and a half, and the typical driving time from our apartment to the gymnasium is 10 minutes.



Just mad crazy! Upon arrival, my jaw dropped even further into the ground when I saw the line to enter the gymnasium – NEVERending! Rumor is, approximately 5,000 people showed up, and there was enough room for only 3,000. Luckily, we used the *ahem* deaf card to enter the gym so we could secure a spot in the “ADA section” and see the interpreters a bit more clearly. The inside of the gymnasium was mad crazy as well…


Yeah, that guy’s head is an example of just how closely surrounded we were by people… Not fit for a claustrophobic person! Nevertheless, the energy in the room was amazing and quite contagious – consistent chanting, consistent waving of signs, consistent shouts of “whoooo!!”… you get the picture.


At least we were thisclose to the terps – that is, when people’s heads weren’t blocking our views 🙂


…. and thisclose to other NMSD people, as well! Hi, Hedy! 🙂


Say hi to my companions, fellow NMSD interns! It’s safe to assume they were feeling just as overwhelmed as I was that night.


Wow. We were THAT close. Of course, my camera’s zoom feature helped a bit 🙂 It was really neat to see his body language and facial expressions close up… it added to the energy of his speech really well.


People – do your presidential research. I’m realizing more and more how critical the upcoming elections are for the future of our country… Times are really shaky now, and all candidates have the potential to really shake things up, either for better or for worse. Obama, Clinton, and McCain have their own (and often very differing) views of how to run this country. It’s all a butterfly effect – you do your research, you vote for who you feel is best for our country based on its needs, the president will do their job (hopefully anyway), the country will shift towards that path. It’s up to you to choose that path.



One Response to “O-bama, 0-8!”

  1. Darian Says:


    This was a great post! I enjoyed reading your experience at the rally in SF..I went to the Obama rally in Delaware and had a great time. It was a beautiful sight to see how many of us came together, babies to senior citizens and diverse people from different backgrounds. Awesome!

    I’m following Obama verrrryyy closely 🙂

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