Long Overdue


It has been a while since I blogged! Usually, I enjoy blogging everyday or at least every other day but this semester, I find it so hard to find time to blog even one measly line! Today, I’ve decided to lock myself in the office and of course, because I don’t want to do my homework just yet, here I am!

7 weeks left to graduation! I am really looking forward to graduating and to be able to move on to new things! It looks like my mom, birth mom, mom in law, Jimmy, Niki (niece) and Olga (friend) will come to my graduation! I am still waiting to hear if 2 other people can come. It’ll be really exciting to finally graduate but also to have my mom and mom in law meet! They haven’t met in person and it’s nice that they will before the wedding!

Jimmy and I had hard time deciding on what to do after I graduate but because we need to focus on paying off our debts, we will be moving to Canada FOR SURE! I will move on the same weekend my family come for graduation and Jimmy will move after his contract at MSD ends. This is really exciting but at the same time, scary! It’ll be a big change for us, from a fast-paced big city to a small town in the true north! It’ll be nice to be near my family but Jimmy and I will definitely need some time before we find our “niche” in Ontario! I haven’t been in touch with people there besides my family and I haven’t found a job there yet. It’ll all come together in the end, I know it!

REAL Women, REAL Beauty show was a success! The audience enjoyed it, the cast enjoyed it and I did too! Some of them asked if we could give another show this year but unfortunately, most of us don’t have time for rehearsals and performances considering there are only 5 weeks of classes left! However, I’ve told Mary Lott (Campus Activities Coordinator) to make sure that the next director know to give at least 2 shows next year! I am glad that it’s over but at the same time, I am a little sad because it’s my last time directing the show. Who knows, I might be able to visit next year when they give RWRB shows in March!

7 classes = A LOT of homework. So therefore, I have to get to it now and blog some more later!


2 Responses to “Long Overdue”

  1. meredith Says:

    I would have loved to attend Real Women, Real Beauty but I didn’t know about it until it was too late! I would like to be in it next year…I am finally finding peace with my body. I still want to lose weight, but now it’s for health and financial reasons! Namely, I want to be more physically fit, and also…I can’t afford to shop at Lane Bryant all the time! I hope they will count me in for next year. 🙂

  2. gurosie Says:

    Aww thats too bad! It would’ve been nice to have you part of the cast. I won’t be here next year, so I won’t be directing the show but you can let Mary Lott know that you are interested and maybe, she can keep your name on the list for auditions? We have not yet decided on who next director will be!

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