The smell of springtime


Well, the weather here in DC is finally starting to warm up. Trees are starting to bloom again, and color is finally being restored to the beautiful Kendall Green. All of this means that spring time is here! Yay! As I have said before, I am not a fan of cold weather and am glad to see Jack Frost giving it up for the year.

Kendall Green really is a beautiful area on campus and when the weather is right and the sun is shining you really get that collegiate feel of being apart of a campus community. People often bring their kids to run and play in the grass, or their dogs which always brings a smile to my face.

As the flowers begin to bloom however, they will of course need to be tended to in order to grow. This means that a massive amount of fertilizer (from animal waste) was just put on many of the trees and bushes outside. So, while the green may be picturesque to look at, it is anything but pleasant to smell. The campus is a bit fragrant shall I say this week. I thought I was imagining this whole scenario until friend and fellow blogger Meredith mentioned the odor as well today.

I think it is rather comical that we must all walk around pretending not to notice the stench that is Kendall Green.


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