Enrollment Appointments


Today we got an e-mail announcing that the fall schedule was now available on Bison, and we could see when our enrollment appointments are. Mine isn’t until early April! For somebody like me who wants to have everything planned out ahead of time, making me wait until April is totally unfair. Why do they have to taunt me by saying the enrollment appointments are available, if they’re going to be so far in the future? Just tell me the fall schedule is available and leave it at that. Damn! Anyway, I am going to take SOC 101 and DST 201 next semester for sure, and I might take HIS 287 (Research Methods). I have to take a GSR somewhere because I’m under the new curriculum but they haven’t announced what the topics are. Well, one of them is there, it looks like it’s about African-American literature, but I want to see what else is offered. Oh and I still want to take Scuba Diving but it’s still offered from 7pm to 9:30pm so I’m not sure about that!

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