Spring fever


Well, as medium_cartoons-fluidkids.jpgmany people have already posted, Spring Break is next week. This week the campus has been aflutter with spring fever. Everyone is excited about their plans for the week long interlude from the daily grind of schoolwork.

Somehow this idea of spring fever being a metaphor didn’t quite translatedfdiseasep3.gif appropriately for my body, and I actually got sick. Boo. No one wants to be sick , let alone on spring break. I came down with a cold and have been rather pathetic all week as a result. I’ve been SO tired that I find myself napping all the time. Now in addition to spring fever, I find I’ve got cabin fever as well from being in my room so much.

Never mind it however, because I too am excited about spring break and I’m not going to let any stupid cold get in the way of that. I will be staying on campus for the week, which I think will be nice. But it won’t be just me. My dad and his wife are coming in town for a visit. She works for a school district in Texas and happens to have the same spring break as I do. My boyfriend will also be joining us for the week. His job closes5195_traveling_family_on_vacation_with_their_children.jpg for a week in the spring time, and it just so happens to be the same week. It seems that the stars were lining up to make a family vacation. My sister was also fortunate enough to get a few days off and so she’ll be up for a bit of the week as well.

We are planning on making it a truly tourist’s visit of DC. I have a friend that works on the Hill and she will be giving us a tour of the Capitol, which I think will be neat. We also plan to go to many of the museums this town has. My dad wants to check out Georgetown and Dupont Circle, so I’m sure we’ll stroll around there as well.

All in all it should be a nice visit, and definitely it will be the first family vacation since I was a kid, so that will be nice. I’m going to run and eat the chicken noodle soup that my wonderful friend Robert has just dropped off for me. Yay for friends who take care of you when you’ve come down with spring fever.


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