Where’s Halo when I need it?


Oh goodness, I miss playing Halo 3, I sort of messed up my CD and now it won’t play anymore. I was told by a friend that it’s not a good idea to have my xbox 360 console set up sideways, I should have it sit flat upright. So I was taking a nap, somehow I suddenly remembered what my friend said, I immediately cutted my nap short and flipped my console the wrong way, I realized I turned it upside down and that was when I realized I might have messed up the cd.. So I took it out and flipped it upright, but I saw some stratches, they look dirty rather than mess up. I tried to play it but it kept saying unplayable.. Ooh how terrible?! I went straight to Gamestop on H st. Found out that I cannot play it anymore and I’d have to either buy another one or trade it for another Halo 3, I wanted to, but oh my word, I’m on a tight budget. This reeks! Now that I’m done with my midterms and everything, I’m wanting to play some Halo really bad! I’m dealing with Haloistis, however you spell that. My brain isn’t really  functioning properly, pardon me…


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