The ol’ Theatre days..


I realized that I’ve been looking back to those days at TJC (Tyler Junior College) when I first got involved into theatre. I miss those lovely people terribly. They are probably some of the craziest and goofiest people I’ve ever met. So many memories here and there. My very first play there was, “Children of a Lesser God”. That was awesome! That’s when I first fell in love with theatre. Here is my favourite line from Sara (main character)… Definitely something I can relate to..

Sarah- for all my life i have been the creation of other people. the first thing i was ever able to understand was that everyone was supposed to hear but i couldnt and that was bad. then they told me everyone was suppose to be smart but i was dumb. they said, oh no, i wasnt permanently dumb, only temporarily, but to be smart i had to become an imitation of the people who had from birth everything a person has to have to be good: ears that hear, mouth that speaks, eyes that read, brain that understands. well, my brain understands alot, my eyes are my ears, my hands are my voice, and my language, my speech, my ability to communicate to you in one image an idea more complex than you can speak to each other in fifty words. for example, the sign “to connect”, a simple sign- but it means so much more when it is moved between us like this. now it means to be joined in a shared relationship, to be individual yet as one. a whole concept just like that. well, i want to be joined to other people, but all my life people have spoken for me. she says, she means, she wants. as if there were no i. as if there were no one in here who could understand. until you let me be an individual, an i, just as you are, you will truly be able to come inside my silence and know me. until that time, we cannot be joined. we cannot share a relationship….

Some pictures of the play I was in…

uga uga wug!

The Lost Boys vs. The Indians..

Peter Pan is flying! Look at the all those fairies dust!

Captain Hook and his fellows…

Amadeus.. The costumes were the most fun part of the play.. and the wigs too..

Mozart on the left…

Beauty and the Beast!

Belle and the Beast..

me as an Napkin and Christy as a Pie Server..

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