Spring Break and Block Meals


Wow, I haven’t posted here in a long time, sorry! Guess I have just been really busy with schoolwork! Then again, I’m not sure anybody is reading us over here at the new site…I used to get comments at the old one but none here.

It is now time for the real Spring Break as opposed to the one I accidentally took in February! I am going out to Sacramento to spend time with friends. My wife can’t come with me because she can’t get the time off work. I am really looking forward to this Saturday, because my friends in Sacramento will be driving down to Oakland and I will get to spend the day with somebody I haven’t seen in a very long time, and I will get to have dinner with a bunch of people including somebody I haven’t seen in about eight or nine years!

I’m surprised how many people are staying on campus for spring break. I know about 30 freshmen are going to Cancún, and lots of people are going home, but I know a bunch of other people are staying on campus. I think the campus will be sparsely populated, but not quite the ghost town it is in January! My friend Robert mentioned that the Marketplace will be open during break, but that students aren’t allowed to use block meals – they have to actually pay for their food. Personally I find that weird, especially since not everybody uses all of their blocks every semester! Toward the end of last semester my friend Colleen (also a blogger here) “blocked me” for dinner several times because she had more blocks left than she could have used in the time remaining. Shouldn’t students decide for themselves what they want to do with the food they purchased at the beginning of the semester?

Speaking of blocks though – and I digress a little bit here from my spring break topic – the system is just weird. If you buy the most economical plan, which is like a zillion blocks and a bunch of dining dollars, you are still paying over $7 for every block meal. I don’t know about you, but I don’t eat $7 worth of food at breakfast, and probably not at lunch either. I know there are probably football players who eat double what I do, so from the school’s perspective it evens out…but I’m still left paying $7 for a block meal! (Which is why I have no blocks. Commuter students aren’t required to purchase blocks, so I just pay-as-I-go and bum blocks off friends if I want to eat in the cafeteria.)


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