Sunday, bloody Sunday


Today was one of those beautiful, not really cold, but not really warm days here in DC.  I was soooo excited, like a kid on Christmas almost, because the NEW TARGET has opened.  That’s right, there is now a Target IN the District, which is awesome.  No more driving out to Alexandria for my Macaroni needs, nope, now I can either hop on the metro and get off at the Columbia Heights stop, or just drive from campus as they have a parking lot 🙂

Apparently I wasn’t the only one excited about Target’s opening…  It was packed. I mean, like Ikea packed.  People everywhere with their carts trying to run you over, blocking all the good t-shirts, and otherwise just being annoying.  Grrr. I was getting angsty when I decided to pop in my headphones and start listening to some tunes.  This totally helped mellow me out and I had a nice shopping experience from then on.

After getting back on campus, I went to eat at the Cafe’.  Some things are unique to Gallaudet weekends, and the cafeteria is one of them.  On the weekends they do this ‘brunch’ thing where there’s essentially only breakfast food and the salad bar and maybe a few slices of pizza until 4:30 when dinner starts.  This is always a bit  discouraging as I am always famished in the afternoons, and with it being Sunday, the Rathskellar is closed leaving me with the option of eating off campus, or dealing with the slim pickings of the Cafe.  I actually had some decent pizza and a yummy sandwich and left quite content.

Another feature of the weekend at Gallaudet is the bathroom situation.  What bathroom situation? Well, if you live in a dorm that has communal bathrooms, there is a cleaning crew that cleans them daily, Monday thru Friday.  So, by Sunday evening, i.e. the time I’m writing this blog, the bathrooms are in some dire need of attention.  I never understand why people throw trash on the floor in their OWN restroom.  Odd.  Now, don’t get me wrong, its not totally disgusting in there, but it definitely isn’t up to its usual weekday standard.

Of course for me, Sunday always means racing at the last minute to do all of the homework that I have put off the entire weekend.  And alas, that is what I am doing this evening.  What makes it even more of a time crunch, is the daylight savings time that happened this morning.  When you’re a college student, and you’re trying to balance social life, work, school, and homework, every hour counts.   So, today as we sprung forward, I lost a crucial homework hour.  Now maybe I should split this lost hour evenly amongst socializing and homework, but no. It’s straight homework time.  So, I will be up a bit later tonight working on that.  Ahh, college life.

All in all its been a great Gallaudet Sunday.


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