Britney Spears


It’s funny how I look back on my youthful and hyper days. I remember one day, on the way back home from school on the van. At Jean Massieu Academy, that’s the name of my school, we used to have carpools, we didn’t have buses at the time. The school was from Kindergarten to 12th grade. But anyways, my van driver was saying he bet that in 5 years I would be tired of Britney Spears. I said no that’s impossible, it cannot happen. I was very sure that it won’t happen, I just knew it. I listened to her music everyday,especially her Baby One More Time and Oops I did It Again album, and the funny thing is that I got all the kids in the van to fall in love with her music. I’d help them with the lyrics and everything, and pretty soon they knew the words very well and all they wanted to listen to do was Britney Spears. Poor Noah (van driver) he had to put up with listening to the same thing almost everyday.

A few years later, guess what? To this day, I’m listening to Britney Spears almost everyday. I have it listed in On-the-Go playlist in my ipod. My instincts told me that I would still love her music to this day. I’m very well aware of her actions, all that media and everything that’s been going on in her life. Because I still love her music doesn’t mean I approve of the all the things she’s done. But at the same time I know deep down inside she can truly make a comeback. She has all the potential in the world, she just made a great album, BLACKOUT. It already has so many great feedbacks. Just imagine how hard it is to deal with all those things she’s going through with the whole world watching and following her every moves. that’s got to be one of the toughest thing. No matter what she does, I’m always going to support her. She has to hit rock bottom before she can go up. I heard recently that she has been doing better, and I sure hope so, she’s taking one step at a time. Britney Spears will always be one of my favourite singers, she make great music, always has and always will. If she were to have a tour coming up, I will be sure to go. So please, give the girl a break… She has enough pressure as it already is.

She actually sold over 2 million copies of her album BLACKOUT.. 6 % were digital copies and 94 % were physical albums

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