Dream VS. Goal


mama0091.jpg  When someone tells me to follow my dream I find it quite difficult. How do you follow something you imagine and may forget the details when reality kicks in. But when someone asks me what are my goals, I can express my plans and future, because I had mapped out my strategy. See as a woman I can dream to have a doctorate degree,  beautiful children, a handsome and rich husband while living in a stable white picket fenced  four bedroom home, living the good life. I can dream and have this beautiful image, but when I make the move to make my dream come true, I realize I dreamed of a vision with no plans to get there. Now as I think about my goals of becoming a wife, mother, therapist, and living well; I have a plan A and a plan B that I can always refer to and stay grounded.

A dream requires someone to make it happen, self- motivation, and false assumption; while your goal requires self- confidence, self- discipline, and reassurance. To dream, sometimes can be manipulative it seems so right for you and fit you well, its shaded with colors of support and pure happiness, yet we fall apart when things go wrong or it is not what is to become of you. To have goals is thought through, it has  pros and cons which force you to have more than one option unlike one BIG DREAM, and when things don’t go right or there is an interruption, well you have your plan B and C.

You may be thinking that I am talking silliness, that I act like I don’t dream myself. Hold that thought, I will have a conclusion… I am not telling you to stop dreaming…no don’t do that! Everyone must dream, that is where the hope and idea stay alive. I dream that I will live a good life: travel, finish school, become a therapist, get married, have kids, and be happy. But my goal is to get through the day, study hard, work hard, make connections, and enjoy life .. so in the end my goal is reached and my dreams are peaceful.

 Remember that sometimes we can get caught up in the dream so deep, we forget who or what its for and about, so your Goal must stay the same, your goal must be for you. 

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