Halo 3


I started my own gamertag last Jan when I got my very own xbox 360, since I learned how to play from my boyfriend, Dax, I’ve been very ADDICTED to Halo.. I finally understood why people play it all the time. I have been improving alot lately compared to the first time I played online I would only get one kill.

Just last week I got my very first KILLING FRENZY, in Halo language (for those of you who don’t know) means I killed 10 opponents in a row without dying. I’ve done alot of KILLING SPREE, which is killing 5 in a row. But my goal was only to get 10, now I finally got it for the very first time, but the funny thing is during that game I wasn’t trying to get the frenzy. I’ve also gotten several BULLTRUE, I was told it’s very hard to get, to kill an opponent while they’re on a sword lunge.

I just found out a few days ago that Rockfest is going to have a Halo 3 competition, I’m very excited about that, I just hope I wont be the only girl joining the competition, but we shall find out won’t we?

a few snapshots I took with my xbox…

This is me with the rocket launcher…

my opponents… 😀

kodak moment of Halo 3…


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