*whoosh* … Was that time zipping by me?


Okay okay – it’s a cliche, I know… but time really does fly by. Just the other day, a NMSD staff said to me, “Wow, only three months left of school!”… and that’s June for NMSD…. so for my internship that means… I graduate in a little over 2 months.

 Holy %$@&.

Okay okay – I may be a WEE bit dramatic about it, but wow. When considering the fact that I’ve been in school since I was 3 years old and I’m about to complete my academic career (no doctorate for me, to the sadness of my family *roll eyes*), you can’t blame me for practically having an anxiety attack when thinking about a…. JOB.

*grabs paper bag and wheezes into bag*

Okay okay – I’ve had too much coffee. Seriously, things are going quite dandy for me here thus far, so I can’t complain. I just began rock climbing and I’m prematurely proclaiming myself as an addict. I was so active and involved in sports back in high school and it’s been tough not being as active in the years since then, so I became hooked once I began rock climbing. It’s really a rush to complete a climb and to make that next rock that I thought I’d never reach. So far, I’ve spent more time on the boulders rather than on the tall climbs with the ropes ( I’m still in need of a paper bag to hyperventilate into whenever thinking about heights) and I like how I can’t get bored quickly because there’s a always a new climb route to attempt.

My internship is going well… Things are still somewhat at a slow pace, but I honestly prefer that sort of pace. It’s just tough to continue at that pace whenever I see my classmates talking about how they’re in the middle of a million projects at their respective internship sites… It makes me wonder whether I’m not doing enough. The important thing is I’m feeling comfortable here, I have good caseload, I have a variety of projects and groups to work with, and I’m not extremely stressed. I just hope I benefit enough to actually earn my degree and pass the national certification exam in April. I’m thinking more and more about this field and exactly what I’d like to pursue – the nice thing about the counseling field is that it’s so broad and full of various specialities,… you have so many options to choose from, and you don’t have to pick just ONE speciality. I can’t get bored in this field 🙂

I’ve been meeting more and more people here, both inside and outside of NMSD and I love it. I’m increasingly realizing that while I crave my personal space and time to myself, I need stimulation from people and the environment. I get excited when meeting people and whenever making plans to hang with this person or that person because well, I’m not exactly a lot of fun when alone 🙂 Tracy and Taj as my roommates are just as awesome and I’m grateful to have them around me as well. Taj provides such gooooood entertainment (young cats tend to do that) and a laugh is always guaranteed with Tracy. It’s also awesome how we’re both addicted to wine and movie nights – it takes just a look at each other, and we go “wine and movie?” then we zoom to our chairs in front of the TV!

My body’s worn out this week – I went to Colorado again this past weekend and had a such a great time. A friend was ending her internship at Rocky Mountain Deaf School and about to return back home in Michigan, so we had a “farewell” weekend complete with a farewell party, weekend trip to the mountains, snowshoes, hanging with the local Deaf people, snowblades, and eating awesome local food. I love it. The drive back to New Mexico was also amazing – I decided to take a detour back to Santa Fe since the interstate between the state line and Santa Fe is … incredibly… borrrrrrrrrrrrrrring. I ended up driving through two parks (one national, one state) with tons of curving roads and I LOVE it! I’ll have to post pictures later on – pics are still stuck in my camera.

I’m just rambling now – it’s a light day at school today due to a heavy snowstorm in town. Yes yes – it snows in New Mexico, for the millionth time! It began snowing last night while I was rock climbing (and I stupidly wore flip flops to the gym since I didn’t pay attention to the winter weather advisories) and it’s still snowing… and it’ll keep snowing well into tonight. It’s gorgeous – I recently proclaimed to a friend that I officially HATE winter weather because I consider myself more of a summer person… but I say that every year and I always take it back after seeing this kind of snowfall. Just gorgeous and peaceful (once you get around the pile-ups on the roads, that is).

Tenga un dia muy bueno!


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