My first blog!


Here I am, writing my first Gallaudet blog, can’t it get any cooler than this?! I’m very excited about this blogging thing. This is my first semester here at Gallaudet, I have been procrasinating coming here for the past several years. Long story, though.

First off, I’m going to warn you, there may be times when you think I’m weird. It’s a true fact, I am a weirdo. I’ll start off with telling you a bit about myself..

I’m a transfer student from everything is bigger in TEXAS… That’s where I grew up, I’m deaf and came from a hearing family. I have a brother named, Arif who is 24 years old. I’m between a Sophmore and Junior, I’m a full time student and a theatre major, but thinking about changing it to writing. I love to write some of the weirdest stories you could ever think of or imagine. I love to read, write, listen to my ipod, play HALO 3.. believe it or not, I’m a Halo addict.. I’m one of the biggest Harry Potter fans you’ve ever met. I reckon Rupert Grint is the hottest redhead! (Ronald Weasley) Okay I think that’s a wrap up for the about me part.

My life in Gallaudet so far has been awesome. I love how it’s so easy to communicate with everyone as well as the staff, students, just about almost anybody you can name here on this campus. It’s nothing like my other college I went to, Tyler Junior College. That’s where I met Casey Crouch, I’m sure some of you know who that is. Life here has been hectic as well, which is good. I love staying busy since it beats being bored.. Anything to keep me out of boredom is good.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m off to do a few things then head to my FYS class.. Cheerios!


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