Hello! This is obviously my first post to the gBlog site, and I’m very excited to be a gblogger however dorky that makes me. I remember a little over a year ago, after having sent in my application to Gallaudet, accidentally stumbling upon the gBlog site. I instantly started reading it, feverishly trying to find any information I could about this place I was trying so hard to get in to. I remember thinking how cool it was that there was another student named Colleen who sounded as quirky as I am. Now, just over a year later, several moving boxes, and a 1400 mile drive, I find myself here at Gallaudet writing on the same blog. Crazy.So, to introduce myself, I’m colleen doyle, also known as ‘the other colleen’, that emo girl, or the girl who always shows up to class with sleep lines still on her face. I’m 24, don’t like to capitalize things appropriately, and am a transfer student to this fine university. I am technically classified as a junior, although I’m not too sure when I will graduate. I am a Communication Studies major and plan to add a minor in journalism.This is my second semester at Gallaudet, and I am truly loving this semester. I can’t say the same for last semester, and I’m sure I’ll elaborate more on that later, but this semester rocks. I have four classes in my major which I love and one general studies course that I also am enjoying. I don’t have any particularly evil professors, and am having a blast hanging out with my friends on and off campus. I could however do without the cold weather, did I mention I’m from Texas? But overall I’m really loving it here.brrrrr.jpg

I look forward to seeing what will become of this blog, but thats it for now ;)

2 Responses to “Hi!”

  1. Taye Says:

    I am from Houston, TX too! Texas rocks!

  2. colleen Says:

    Yeah it does! 🙂

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