Rosie’s Ramblings


So, it is midterms. I can’t believe that 6 weeks has come and gone because to be quite honest, I don’t remember much of what happened during those weeks! This semester is definitely the most heaviest, the most stressful and the most busiest semester of my entire undergraduate career! 7 classes. 20 hours of work. REAL Women, REAL Beauty show. Senior seminar paper (25 pages of british colonialism, ugh.). Searching for fulltime job. Applying for graduate school. Applying for new work visa. Planning for a wedding in Toronto. Yeah, it’s definitely crazy! Thankfully, there is only 10 weeks (including spring break) left of this madness!

My only stress-relief for this semester is scanning and uploading old pictures. I’ve been using films until Spring 2005, so there are a lot of printed pictures in my boxes! Yeah, it seems like a weird stress-reliever but it really takes my mind off from what’s happening NOW and allows me to be nostalgic about the past. After I graduate, I know I will be making big plans for future, so now is kind of good time to look back and remind myself of how far I’ve gone. If you want to see those old pictures, go to my facebook! 🙂

Jimmy is doing really well. He is searching for a new job closer to our home and a job that makes use of his degree in Business Administration. So, hopefully he finds something soon! He’s also thinking about going into graduate school part-time, so that’s exciting! Our three feline-boys are doing well too. Oscar is his usual laid back self. Toby is improving everyday, seems more confident and relaxed than when we first adopted him. Romeo is doing well, besides being half-naked! We had to cut his hair from shoulders and down because during the winter break, his coat wasn’t groomed often enough and became matted which is painful for animals! So, we cut him a-la-poodle and he looks funny! heh!

Besides deciding on invitations (my sister, Sanja will make them) and possibly moving the ceremony next door, there isn’t anything new about the wedding. Six months left. It’ll be a pretty wedding, yep.

Spring break is coming up around the corner and guess what I’ll be doing?! For the first time in my entire undergraduate career, I will be……….. staying home! Unfortunately, I have to lock myself in the apartment and really focus on my senior seminar paper. It is 25 pages long and I will have to defend it to faculty from Gallaudet and other universities in DC. So, yeah, here goes my spring “break”! BUT, I have honeymoon in September, so that kind of makes up for it! 🙂

I better go back to my homework and blog some other time! Have a great March!


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