My New Phone


Okay, so the top phones at Gallaudet are: Sidekicks and Blackberries. I have had a Sidekick 3 since May 2007, but a friend of mine in my history class just got a Blackberry Pearl. Once again my desire to have a new phone was fired up! I looked around and I decided the Blackberry Curve 8310 (with GPS but no wifi) was the one for me. So I now have it sitting by my side here in the computer lab! I got one from eBay, except it is locked to AT&T. Right now I have a contract with T-Mobile and I don’t particularly feel like switching…so I bought an unlock code off eBay too. And I am waiting for it to arrive…and waiting…and waiting…the seller says it will arrive within 3-24 hours. They are located on the west coast so it’s only 9:30am there…but it’s been three hours and 20 minutes since I ordered it! Of course, I have been checking since about 10 minutes after I ordered it. I’ve noticed a lot of my friends on campus have been going toward Blackberries – a girl in my GSR class this semester just got one too. I was worried about the keys not feeling right but they feel fine…now if only my code would get here so I can use it with T-Mobile! Meanwhile I can just practice typing on the new keyboard, LOL.

2 Responses to “My New Phone”

  1. guvita Says:

    interesting – blackberries are better, ya’d say? I usually play around and tmobile’s more friendly-user? what about Iphone? [chuckles]

  2. Kelly Wilson Says:

    Dude. My dad has a blackberry curve!

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