Mid-Semester Vacation


Up on Morne Bruce I made it through my mid-semester vacation just fine! I wouldn’t have done something like that, I don’t like missing class, but there was a miscommunication and it resulted in being gone for two weeks of class. See, what happened was, in early 2007 I was planning my 10th anniversary vacation with my wife. I looked at the Gallaudet calendar and it said spring break was the middle of February. The cruise we wanted to go on was the exact same week of February, so my schedule was going to be perfect! But when I arrived for NSO in August and got the calendar, I saw…spring break was in March. Somebody must have typed a 2 instead of a 3, or something, and I hadn’t been in school since 1998, so I didn’t know what a typical spring break time was and I assumed February was normal. Once I signed up for spring classes in December, I immediately e-mailed my teachers and notified them of this vacation. (We had already paid in full, and we would only have gotten $500 back if we had canceled.) They were all okay with it.

So when we went on vacation, I brought almost all of my books with me. I kept up with all my reading and everything…well, okay, most of it! While we were in Puerto Rico, I had a linguistics test that I had to take on Blackboard, and I managed to get that done. I didn’t have internet in our cabin on the cruise, so I wrote my homework papers in the cabin, and then I went to a wireless hotspot with my laptop and emailed them. I was worried about missing quizzes, but when I got back my teachers have all said they will let me retake the quizzes I missed! I missed watching a movie in my history class, but fortunately it is available from Netflix so I’m getting it from there (as soon as I send back Animal House!). I am so happy that I was able to go on vacation and not completely mess up my semester…but in the future I will be much more careful with vacation planning!


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