Wedding Talk: 194 Days Left!


On Saturday, I went to Rockville with some bridesmaids to choose a bridesmaid gown and we found one we all liked! It is a gorgeous dress and I know that everybody will feel beautiful in it. I am really glad that I found a dress that would look good on any shape, size or height. After choosing the dress, we all went to Barnes and Noble to browse before going to a Thai restaurant for dinner. Food and company was just perfect! We stayed at the restaurant for almost two hours!!! Then we all went to my apartment to hang out for rest of the night. It is definitely nice to have bridesmaids together and it was interesting to see what dynamics our group had! From what I’ve seen, the wedding day will be a lot of fun! I only wish that my other two bridesmaids from Canada were with us but there are plenty of opportunities in next six months for us to get together!

Bridal Gown – Check. Bridesmaid Gowns – Check. Cake – Check. Catering – Check. Ceremony Location – Check. Reception Location – Check. Photographer – Check. Bridal Party – Check. Wedding Staff (Pastors, Readers, Ushers, Etc…) – Check.

Hotels – In Progress. Registry – In Progress. Tuxedos – In Progress. Honeymoon – In Progress.

Invitations, Programs, Decorations, Flowers, Jewelery, Shoes, Make Up/Hair, Marriage License, Wedding Bands and SO MANY MORE – NOT DONE!

Whew! Planning for a wedding is A LOT harder than I thought. Even though I am having a lot of fun planning for my wedding, it is definitely stressful! There are so many details that I never thought about before and now I am terrified that I am forgetting something! My advice for future brides? Make sure you have time and the money if you want to have your “dream wedding”! Thankfully, I have bridesmaids and my family who really help out.

I am only getting married once, yep.


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