Why I Love Living Here


The Capitol Building Over here on the left you can see one of my favorite reasons for living in the District of Columbia (click to make it bigger). That is, of course, the Capitol – the home of the United States Congress. For most Americans, the Capitol is what they see on the back of a $50 bill, or that mythical place where federal laws are made. For me, the Capitol is a building I drive past five days a week. Not only do I have this lovely view down Pennsylvania Avenue (I took the picture myself on the way to Gallaudet), but I also drive right up Constitution Avenue, directly over Capitol Hill, passing the Capitol on my right and the Russell, Dirksen, and Hart Senate Buildings on my left. Very often I find myself stuck behind a cab who is dropping off someone who works at the seat of our nation’s government.

But seriously, this is one of my absolute favorite things about living in Washington, DC. Also on my way to and from Gallaudet, I pass the White House, Washington Monument, and Kennedy Center; on my way home I can see the Air Force Memorial, and if I take a slightly different route I can pass the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery. Only in DC can you have so many amazing national monuments in one place! Even though Gallaudet itself may not be in a great neighborhood – the area has never recovered from the 1968 riots – coming here still brings you to the most awesome city in the country…literally. I mean the city that is most inspiring of awe! Sure, New York is big, Los Angeles is famous, but no place compares to Washington DC!

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