What Happened to gBlog?


If you’ve found your way over to this blog, you’ve noticed that the original gBlog page has disappeared. This is confusing and
disappointing for many people, but I want to say that it IS being worked on. Today I spent an hour with the site administrator trying to solve the problem.

When I heard that gBlog had disappeared, I thought “surely it isn’t gone, it’s just broken.” I have fixed broken blogs many times before, so I offered to give it a try. But sure enough, all the old gBlog posts are truly missing. Nobody is sure how it happened, but the database is completely empty; the most recent backup didn’t hold anything useful. I tried many different things, hoping to find out where everything went, but it was of no use. Google keeps copies of websites temporarily, but the only recent one we could find there was a single post by Casey. Our hopes are now directed at the Internet Archive.

If you are not familiar with it, the Internet Archive has a mission of preserving the web for posterity. Since the beginning of 2007, they have been making copies of gBlog about every two weeks. Unfortunately, there is at least a six-month delay between when they copy the page and when it becomes available. Currently, they only have through July 1, 2007. But we are hopeful that, six months from now, we will find all the old posts once again.

I want to say that nobody is at fault with the loss of the old site. Additionally, it was not the software’s fault. It was just a combination of things that, put together, mean that we lost the old gBlog. Let there be no finger-pointing, because nobody is to blame here.


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