Introducing Mikey and Leo!


Once upon a time in the winterland of our grand country, when time teetered-tottered between the years of 2007 and 2008, I visited my cousin in West Virginia. ‘Tis cousin of mine happens to be a turtle-lover and raises turtles… and had two hatchling turtles… and offered them to me… and I graciously accepted the offer.

 Okay, okay. This cousin has actually been offering turtles to me for a few years (although I thought she was joking)… And this time, I was about to move to New Mexico, and I seriously missed animal contact. I thought: “Turtles… how weird. Okay!!”

They’re just adorable, I’m telling you – even with all that little salmonella risk going on. They are officially known as red-ear sliders, which is a semi-aquatic breed, and right now they’re just hatchlings so they’re tiny… however, they can grow to be about a feet or feet and a half long. Thankfully, that’ll take quite a few years so I SHOULD have a big enough place for them by then!

I packed them up in a little puny formerly-for-my-now-dead-hermit-crabs cage, filled it up with a bit of water, and dragged them on the drive to New Mexico. I HATED them being stuck in the cage – they actually need a lot more water, and the water needs to be a lot warmer… so I was relieved when we arrived and I was able to put them in their more comfy and more warm 10-gallon tank. They are now residents of New Mexico – which is ironic, because the breed is actually native to this state as well!





Oh, and I decided on the “Mikey” and “Leo” names, in honor of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… Michelangelo and Leonardo.


Well, they DO have the same personalities as their namesakes! 🙂


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