*emerges from under the rock o’er thar*


So! What a fall semester… This is the last stretch of graduate school for me. The recent fall semester was quite heavy- although I’m thinking it’s probably connected to the fact that I chose to take up 23 credits. I’m still wondering why in the world I made that choice, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Those 23 credits included my practicum experience at MSSD (two days a week), required classes, and a few electives, not to mention huge projects thrown in the mix somewhere. Not all of my classmates chose to take up these electives, but I was glad I did – even if it meant less sleep, more caffeine in my system (although that’s nothing new), more time in Fowler Hall, and less time actually seeing people around campus. Not to come off as a nerd, but I really gained from these electives. It helped that I lived off campus and was able to wind down at my apartment with my awesome roommates and one of my roomate’s awesome kitty.

I’m actually just rambling right now (no kidding, Jess?)- but bottom line, fall semester just flew by in the blink of both eyes and now I’m here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for my full-time internship… the last big fat requirement before graduating in May. I’m here at New Mexico School f/t Deaf (NMSD) until May or June – and loving it!

Since I’m wisely not taking up more than 13 credits this semester, I should have more time to fill in exactly what I did last fall and what I’m up to this spring. So far, it’s been newsworthy – I’m already exploring New Mexico and Colorado and getting down to work at NMSD. More on that soon!

Come visit- it’s a great place to unwind 🙂

NMSD sign
See the snowperson that the NMSD students made? Welcome!
NMSD sunlight

Yes! It does snow here – imagine my relief when my supervisor informed me BEFORE I arrived that New Mexico has 4 seasons… It’s been BITTER cold here – imagine what it’d have been like if I brought only spring/summer clothes *roll eyes at little naive ol’ me*

One Response to “*emerges from under the rock o’er thar*”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Do you have another last name by anychace? Perhaps Jacey?

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