Hello world!


Hey! I’m back, school is now back in session and I’m excited to begin another semester here at gallaudet. This semester we will begin the program called Keeping The Promise, which is a program that helps black deaf student males continue there education and help them in anyway possible as long as they want to help themselves. I believe this is a good program that will help us students to graduate and gain knowledge that is lacked here at the university. well until next time enjoy the blogs ill continue to post


3 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. carey Says:

    im watching his intervention on A&E right now and he seems to be such a good person he just needs someone to get him on his feet

  2. Kay Says:

    Hello Ricky,
    I watched the intervention on last night July 12, 2010 about your father. It was very touching. I pray that he turns his life around and restore the relationship with you, your brother, and mother. Hope that we will be able to see an update.

    Praying for your Family.

  3. Deborah Jackson Says:

    Dear RickyJr. and Lamar and all your family member’s, I have never been so moved as I was last night in San Francisco, Calif. watching ,” Intervention” . I work in the HIV Prevention Department at a Out Patient Substance abuse facility and am an ex-crack addict and ex’ alcoholic, (17 yrs. off). I watch Intervention sometimes due to the above mentioned but have never been moved to the degree I was last night. I am sending you much Love and prayers and hope that your father is still off of crack and stays off. I know what it is to be hooked and on a ever turning wheel of addiction and not being able to get off at the time. I pray for your mother as well and Thank GOD for her for you and your siblings. Please cont. being who and what you are and keeping HOPE, LOVE and FAITH alive. Deb J.

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