There’s Nothing To Do


Okay, this is kind of surreal. I came back to school after a 9-year break, so doing homework all the time was a little weird. But I’ve been doing it the past several months, and…now I’m not. During the semester, I had something to do for classes every day. Some days were lighter than others, but even if I was relaxing, I knew there was something I should be doing. But now the semester is over, and I have nothing to do! I decided to take some days off work, and I will be going back to VRS in the GUKCC on the 18th for a couple of days, but then they close on the 22nd and reopen in the new year!

But right now, I’m going to take a nap. Because naps are blissful and I can. There is no nagging voice in my mind saying “gee, you really should be doing homework” – it’s all done!


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