What a fine mess

welp, I just finished my first week back, and teachers take no time to ease into school. I’m already starting to get swamped with homework, swimming through hundreds of pages that I have to read for classes. Well, it really isn’t that bad yet, but I’m starting to get busy with work and softball coming up. When am I going to have time for anything?!
When I first came on campus, I began to unpack my things and then went to the SAC to get my mail and meet up with some friends. Upon checking my mail, I got a Christmas card from my friend, Jessica, as well as a couple of notices of fines that I have to pay-off. Dear Colleen: you owe us $150. Awesome. There is only one fine that I know I deserved, but the rest was due to unruly freshman who enjoy taking this place apart, not that I can say that I blame them. Last night we had a “Mandatory meeting” for all residents in Ballard West, and what was only supposed to last maybe a half an hour dragged on to be an hour and a half, while we were being scolded for an unnecessary amount of damage that was done to this place, and while a handful of students complained about the rules and how they were unaware of the policies here (even though we had a presentation about that rules during NSO week and they’re in black and white in the Student Handbook that every student received.)
During the entire meeting I thought, “Man! I’m missing Grey’s Anatomy!”
Well anyway, back to my first day here, my roommate finally showed up!!…and she brought with her just as much stuff as she had on moving day (note: her stuff filled up two cars and it took five people seven trips to get all of her stuff up here). It was a disaster area in our room. We had to step over things to get around our room, and had to dig through things to be able to find something. Five days later: It’s a lot cleaner in here and she sent four bags filled with clothes home.MUCH better, but there’s still quite a bit of work to be done! )(Megan: if you happen to read this…I’m sorry! lol)I’m going to target later tonight with some friends ) then Panera -D . Then I have to hit the sack early-ish tonight because I have softball tryouts tomorrow at 9:30 (ciao

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